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Louise James (1961-   ) James graduated from Auburn University Montgomery, after studying graphic and visual arts, awarded Bachelor of Fine Arts-Graphic Design and Master of Art Education. For 25 years she practiced and taught Visual Arts in Alabama and Florida Public Schools as well as Auburn University Montgomery. After a period of illness, James retired from public service. She reinvented herself as a writer using words as a medium for painting stories. Her first work published in late October 2017.

I am a creative, loquacious Southern artist who has always liked to spin a good tale. My newest passion and medium are words. My tall tales are painted fantasy worlds where readers can mentally travel and find a smile, friend or foe written between the pages of the tales I write. It is my hope that my novels reach across generations, entertaining multiple audiences.

A fellow educator once said that 'we [teachers] teach the children of light who move at the speed of sound!'  The statement gave me pause. TRUTH. The 21st century is so saturated with technology that stillness and personal creativity are compromised. Reading allows one to escape, not deny reality, but escape to fantasy worlds where they can be anyone they admire, courageously speak out against malevolent forces or just dream. 

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Writing is the painting of the voice.   -Voltaire


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